Frequently Asked Questions

Why use our "Legal Action Bureau Firm" with 25 Years of Experience and Seasoned Agents?

Most times, a person or company in debt will cooperate with the us when they have not been so cooperative with the creditor. This is because of third party intervention as they get the sense more people are getting involved and they understand that not paying the debt may affect their credit history and or get them sued.

How quickly can "Legal Action Bureau Firm" collect your money for You?

Claims are entered in our collection systems immediately and the person in debt is notified soon thereafter. Follow-up phone calls will ensue along with more letters. Some debts can be collected within the first hours or days of placement while others may take up to years. The average collection takes somewhere between 30 and 45 days.

What happens if the debtor(s) or our delinquent account(s) refuses to pay "Legal Action Bureau Firm" in your behalf?

Keeping detailed and accurate information is important. This information will be provided to the debtor and if they continuously refuse to pay a we will go through the process of assessing whether the situation is ‘suitworthy’ or not; meaning that we will determine the collectability of the claim against prior circumstances to see if it would be wise for you the creditor to seek legal actions against the debtor.

Will "Legal Action Bureau Firm" handle my Debtor(s) and/or Delinquent Account(s) all the way to Legal Litigation Action?

Yes, but only with our clients authorization. There are additional fees for pursuing a law suit that are usually advanced by our client. These fees are usually reimbursed once a judgment is received and the debt is collected through wage garnishments, bank levy or asset sale.

After winning your case in court and obtaining a judgment does "Legal Action Bureau Firm" pursue avenues to get wage garnishments, levies on bank account(s), property(s) and other personal, business, company and corporate assets?

Yes, we conduct an asset search and find out if they own property, vehicles, have a savings and/or checking account(s), we also verify their employment so assets can be attached and wages garnished if necessary.

How important is the "Age of the Debt" that I/WE entrust to "Legal Action Bureau Firm"?

The age of delinquency is the most major factor in determining whether a debt will be paid or not.
The best time to hope for and try to collect is on a debt that is 60 to 90 days old. After a debt becomes aged over one year the collectability of the claim is significantly reduced. The older a debt the harder it is to collect, yet we still give it our very best effort!

What does the term "Skip Tracing" mean?

Skip tracing is the process of locating contact information on your debtor, as well as any assets, bank accounts, and property your debtor, may control.

When do I get my money once it is collected for me, my business, company and corporation by "Legal Action Bureau?

We offer same day remittance to those clients who download our “check drafting software”, or if you prefer the traditional method any money collected on behalf of our clients is remitted on the 20th of the following month that recovery was made.

What documents are needed to collect on my account with "Legal Action Bureau Firm"?

We will need the following documents: (If Available) Ledger history or itemized statement of the debt.

  • Patient/Consumer registration or application.
  • Credit Applications
  • Contracts
  • Promissory notes
  • Agreements.

Does "Legal Action Bureau Firm" have any special or particular requirements of myself, business, company or corp?

The most important requirement we have is that you report to us immediately if a debtor pays you directly, as it’s illegal for us to continue to collect on a claim once the debtor has paid. In addition to notifying us of payment once you place the account with our agency, you must stop all in-house collection activity!