Domestic & International Debt Collectors

Domestic & International Debt Collectors

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"Legal Action Bureau" is a domestic and international, full service legal recovery firm. Our legal recovery team/collection professionals will respectfully and assertively collect on your delinquent accounts using our proven strategies. Our first course of action is engaging our expert research department to validate the debt, and to research each individual or business in order to obtain the most recent contact information. Additionally, we order asset/liability reports on each individual or business owner. This information is obtained in order to initiate contact in the most accurate way possible, while being aware of their fiscal situation.  Once this preliminary, and absolutely necessary, phase is complete, we will initiate our reliable three step process. This contact includes daily phone calls and periodic demand letters sent via U.S. Mail and Email.

After many years in this industry, our founders realized there was a better, faster and more efficient way to recovering delinquent debt. We understand the urgency and professionalism that is needed when recovering our client’s debts. Debt is not like fine wine; it DOES NOT get better with age. With that said, Legal Action Bureau does not waste time taking action, and delivers the results that are desperately needed for our clients. These results are delivered through implementing our unique strategies.

At "Legal Action Bureau," we perfected a much better way and system! 
Our many years of experience and tireless research found that most similar agencies suffered a significant decline in debt recovery when the debtors or delinquent accounts were located in different states. With this inability to recover across state lines, their recovery rate suffered dramatically. Legal Action Bureau does not have this issue, as we are licensed and bonded in all 50 States. Our expert research allows us to indicate if, in fact, any debtor has moved out of state, or if any business has changed hands. If this is the case, our firm is capable of pursing your debt across state lines.

Legal Action Bureau was created to not only implement our many strategies and capabilities, but to change the nature of how debt is recovered. First, our firm does not receive a dime, unless we are able to recover for our clients. This no recovery, no fee process keeps our entire firm motivated to get the job done quickly, and to the best of our abilities. In addition, our professional, yet stern, approach to every debtor or business, allows for a higher success rate. We do not implement ‘scare tactics’ or any activity that is not in line with F.D.C.P.A.

We comply with these standards, while getting straight to the matter at hand with the debtor. Holding each debtor, or business, accountable is key when corresponding over the phone, or in writing. This is just the beginning of our highly effective three phase process, and is the most successful. We have changed the nature of our industry, which has allowed our firm to deliver a success rate more than 70% above the national average.

So, if you are sick and tired of dealing with your debtors yourself, or 90% of the 'over-promising and under-delivering' agencies/law firms out there, call the most trusted name in the industry to deliver the results that you deserve. Legal Action Bureau has continued to deliver these results to countless individuals and businesses desperately in need of this money rightfully owed to them or their company. This debt is owed for services that you have already provided and rightfully owed; Our only goal is to return it to where it belongs. It is not too late to pursue what is rightfully owed to you! Please do not allow this money collect dust, there is nothing too difficult for our firm to recover!

We pride ourselves on the nation’s highest recovery percentage, along with our reasonable contingencies and remittance cycle. We do not trivialize the dollar amount owed on any matter. Big or small, we will pursue what is owed with the same strategies, vigor and personal/professional touch. Integrity, Communication and Results are our top priorities.

If you would like further information on our results and how we do business, we encourage you to Google ‘Legal Action Bureau’ and view our over 50 reviews, from current satisfied clients. Our firm is A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and a member of our local Osceola County Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for your interest in our firm and we look forward to speaking with you personally. Contact us directly at 888-360-0060, or [email protected]. If you are ready to take action, please refer to our ‘Get a Free Quote’ tab. This will allow you to submit your documentation/information and for our firm to get the process started.

Our Services

  • Medical Collections
  • Home Services
  • Commercial/Consumer Collections
  • Judgement/Enforcement
  • Contractors
  • Educational Institutions
  • Utilities and Telecom Collections
  • Financial and Default Loan Collections
  • Second Placement Accounts
  • Retail and Service Industry
  • NSF/Returned Checks
  • Government Collections
  • Landlord Tennant Collections
  • Attorney’s Firms
  • Rendered Services
  • Property Liens
  • Wholesale Collections
  • International Affairs