Domestic & International Debt Collectors

Domestic & International Debt Collectors

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Our very successful “Legal Action Bureau Firm” Services and
Our Debt Recovery Services consists of Three Phases

Phase One:

Within 24 hours of setting up an account with our firm, after submitting our signed agreement and debt validation documentation, the following will take place;

Our research department will immediately utilize the information provided in order to obtain the most current contact information for each debtor and/or business, as we recover both consumer and commercial debt. Our firm is capable of affecting credit, if necessary, and this information is used in that process. They will also obtain asset/liability reports for each individual/business to determine their overall standing and financial situation before pursuing. We do separate and extensive research on businesses. This will help us determine their standing, if they are in fact in business currently, if the name has changed, current principal/owner, and a myriad of useful information.

Once this information is accumulated, each debtor/business is assigned a case number and every piece of information is included. This includes all current contact information, along with the details of the debt itself. This information is input into our secure collections database and all documentation you have provided is included in a locked hard file.  The same day, each case is assigned to one of our collection professionals and contact is initiated.

Phase Two:

This is our in-house collections phase and utilizes the most effective strategies that exist in our industry that are completely in line with the F.D.C.P.A. guidelines. We pursue the following ways;

This very same day that each case is submitted and assigned, we send our initial, of six periodic, demand letters to each current address. This same letter is also sent to each confirmed email. After letters are sent, our collection professionals will begin to initiate contact by phone. Our collectors make daily phone calls and abide by the F.D.C.P.A. standards of contact. Be aware that these F.D.C.P.A. guidelines only apply to consumers, and not to businesses.

We are able, by law, to leave one voicemail per day, per phone number. Our periodic demand letters are also sent in compliance with F.D.C.P.A. standards. They do a very effective job of holding these debtors accountable, providing all pertinent information and all include the mandatory mini-Miranda. We continue this contact until we can reach the debtor, or until we determine phase three needs to be initiated. We utilize a professional, yet stern, approach when speaking with each debtor. We provide all necessary information and simply hold these individuals/businesses accountable. Our collection professionals are versed in every industry, with judgements and with landlord tenant cases. If monies are rightfully owed, we are experienced in recovery no matter the situation. Our track record, reviews and results speak for themselves.

Phase Three:

After exhausting all in house collections efforts and noncompliance from the debtor/business, we will recommend one of two things;

We will perform a thorough investigation of the details surrounding the case, our communication with the debtor/business in our second phase, and a second thorough look into our preliminary findings of the asset/liability report. If all indicators point to this obligation being biding, and are consistent with our findings, we will reach out with our recommendation. This recommendation will be to take legal action against the individual/business. Utilizing our nationwide network of affiliate attorneys, we can offer this extremely valuable and effective service to file litigation against the debtor. If, after our detailed conversation of this process, you decide to drop the case and not proceed; you owe our firm nothing. Should you choose to proceed with litigation, our firm is able to offer these services at a one-time, flat fee. This fee covers all court proceedings, including but not limited to; court costs, filing fees, fee for serving the debtor in their jurisdiction, judgement and post judgement proceedings. Our network of attorneys specialize in collection cases, are experts in litigation and proceed with judgement enforcement immediately after the case is won. That is the HUGE difference. Most attorneys will hand you a judgement and say, ‘Have a nice day!’ A judgement does not get you paid and is a glorified receipt. Our counsel will make sure the judgement is enforced against the assets of the debtor, which includes liens, bank levy’s, seizing assets and selling them at public auction, wage garnishments, etc. Above all, our firm will be in contact with you the entire way through with any updates or pertinent communication.


Confidentially, fill out & sign the two forms. You can scan and e-mail your forms or fax them back to us.

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