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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use 'Legal Action Burea' to recover on my delinquent accounts

The founders of ‘Legal Action Bureau’ wanted to create a more efficient and customer friendly way of recovering delinquent debt. We want to not only be effective, but always be accessible to our clients. The three-phase process we utilize covers every possible scenario that we may face while attempting to recover for you, whether it be commercial or consumer. Our resources are vast, and our approach is highly effective. In addition, we can and will affect credit when necessary. Above all, we do not get paid a dime, UNLESS we are able to recover for you!

What happens if my debtor(s) refuses to pay ‘Legal Action Bureau’ on my behalf?

The short answer is; you do not owe us a dime for our efforts. However, the three-phase process we utilize covers tremendous ground. If the debtor company or business initially refuses to pay, we will implement further strategies to hold these customers accountable for what they owe. Using sufficient information/documentation provided by you, our valued client, coupled with our extensive research on each debtor, we are able to make daily contact via phone, U.S. Mail and Email.

What documents do I need to provide ‘Legal Action Bureau’ to get the recovery process started?

It is a very simple process to get started. The first documentation we will need is our binding agreement. This agreement can be found on our website under ‘Claim Forms’ or requested during phone consult and sent via whichever medium works best for you. The next bit of documentation we will need is the information and documentation regarding the debt(s) in question. This could be invoices, a judgement or whatever documentation you have that validates this debt and provides the information we need to get the process started. This information typically consists of the amount owed, date of delinquency, description of services provided (why the monies are owed) and the most recent contact information you have for the individual/business that owes you this money.

Does ‘Legal Action Bureau’ have any special or particular requirements of myself or my business?

Beyond the information listed in the previous FAQ, we would need your own contact information. That way, we can reach out if we have any additional questions and know who to reach if we have any pertinent updates. In rare instances, we may need additional information/documentation beyond what you have already provided.

Most importantly, please provide your most up to date address where you would like the check sent when we are able to collect for you!